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Everyone says it. Buying a home is the largest purchase of your life.

And as much as your realtor tells you to keep emotion out of it, there’s no escaping the feelings involved. The home buying process is stressful. And in competitive real estate markets, you’re now pretty much expected to write a personal letter to the seller— a “love letter”— to help them and their real estate agent sort out the pile of offers they get. When you’re already so consumed by the process it’s hard to sit down and put pen to paper and plead your case.

We can help your offer stand out among the rest. A personal letter to the seller is often the deciding factor in which of multiple offers they choose. And we will be sure your “best offer” begins with a clear expression of your best intentions. We can’t guarantee it will get you the house, but you can rest assured knowing you left it all on the offer table.

  • We’ll weave your thoughts into an authentic expression of your intentions
  • Perfect spelling and grammar guaranteed
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Choose Rush Delivery to receive it by noon next business day
  • You’ll receive a fully custom, editable letter in Word format
  • One free round of edits included in purchase

our real estate letter writing process

You’re just 10 easy questions away from submitting an offer for your dream home.

And we’re waiting to dive into the listing and connect you to that property. In just a few minutes your letter is good as signed, sealed, delivered. We’ll walk you through the process and you can rest knowing your letter will be in your inbox tomorrow.

step 1: information

Include contact info for you and your agent, and a link to the listing. The more we know about this property, the better chance we have to really connect with the seller.

step 2: questions

Answer our ten-question form about the home. We’ll walk you through all the things we can potentially include, starting with the voice and ending with the finest details of the home.

step 3: payment

Once you feel your answers are complete, send your protected payment safely through our encrypted site. Each letter is just $99. We offer custom quotes for situations where a buyer needs multiple letters.

step 4: receive your love letter

We’ll email you a Word Document of your finished letter so that you can tweak it if necessary before sending.

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Let’s take the final step to landing you that home.

You’ve already done all the work. You have your mortgage pre-approval and nailed down the terms of your offer, so answering these questions should be easy. At least we hope so. The hard part is crafting it into a succinct, rhythmic and heartfelt letter to the seller that gets the job done. That’s the essence of what Real Estate Love Letters is all about. Tell us how we feel, we’ll weave it into Your Story. That’s what we do.

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for the realtor

In a competitive real estate market like Portland where Real Estate Love Letters is based, a letter to the seller is a must-have.

And in any market, it’s a surefire way move an offer to the top of the pile. You know it, and you preach it, but why won’t your clients put pen to paper for the most important purchase of their lives?

Despite the old adage “keep emotion out of the process,” injecting emotion into an offer is often what seals the deal. But homebuyers are already overwhelmed with the entire real estate process. Under pressure to get their thoughts down, organized, and eloquently edited in what often needs to be a day’s notice often becomes too stressful a task on top the other work that goes into buying a home.

But it’s that letter so often makes the difference. That’s why we’re here. We specialize in letters to the seller. It’s all we do, actually. We study the markets. The properties. And most importantly, we provide your client with the best possible opportunity to win over the seller.

We make the love letter an easy process.

Using our simple, ten-question form, we ask some very particular questions that allow us to hone in on the facets of your homebuyer and their situation that best appeal to the seller.

Learn Our Process

We hit touchpoints relatable to the neighborhood, home, and seller.

Then we write a heartfelt, custom letter that speaks specifically about the property, your clients, and the life they imagine living in that home.

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The letter is personal, eloquent, and grammatically sound.

The price of a custom Love Letter is well worth the investment, and it gives you and your buyer the best chance of being selected by the seller. We would love to offer realtors a complimentary letter for one of your clients.

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We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to begin the letter writing process!

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